Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Series Recommendation #10 - The Beyonders Trilogy

Series - The Beyonders Trilogy
Author - Brandon Mull
Number of books - 3
Overall rating - 3.5/5

I loved the Beyonders when the first book came out, but I'll be honest, I had to restart the second book about four times before I could finally get through it. However, once I finished, I instantly went onto the third book and it was much better. After finishing the last book, I was so sad, because it seems like it could be continued, so I really hope there will be more about the Beyonders coming soon! I recommend this trilogy for people that are willing to read a lot of slow boring parts. I know that this review might make it seem like this series is really boring and not worth it, but once you get past the boring parts, it's really great!

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