Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beautiful Darkness Review

Title: Beautiful Darkness
Authors: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Rating: 2/5

Goodreads Review:
Well. I didn't remember how much I disliked this book until I was about 150 pages in and I started remembering things. Lena is terrible in this book. Ethan is a little too clingy. More so that he was before in the first book! Don't even get me started on John Breed. He and Lena just...I can't even. Like, how did Lena think any of that was a good idea? No matter if she thought she was going Dark or not. There were literally thousands of signs that pointed to "NO" all over that!
One thing I like about this book. Liv. Liv made this book. If Lena had gone Dark, Ethan needed to end up with Liv.

This book just doesn't continue the amazingness from the first book. It's disappointing and even a little sad, but I will nonetheless continue on with the third book...later. I'm certainly not in the mood for another book about Lena after this one.

Additional Thoughts:
I'm disappointed. I wanted to reread this series because I love the first book and I remembered the first book, but I didn't remember the second or third and some parts of the fourth, but now I remember why I didn't remember the second. It's terrible! I must have pushed the memories of it aside or maybe there just wasn't anything memorable at all. Very disappointing. I didn't remember Liv, though, so that was a small plus when she came in, because I actually like her character. But honestly, such a huge let down from Beautiful Creatures.

Next I'll Be Reading: Prodigy by Marie Lu

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