Friday, April 10, 2015

Book Series Recommendation #6 - Beautiful Creatures

Series - Beautiful Creatures (aka Caster Series)
Authors - Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Number of books - 4
Overall rating - 4/5

If you watched the movie and didn't read the books, you are 100% wrong. This series follow Lena Duchannes who will soon be turning 16, the coming of age for Casters (magic folk). When she turns 16, Lena will be claimed to be either Dark or Light, so understandably she's a little frightened. 
The movie just completely screws the first book up, so if you think it's pretty accurate, you need to forget all of that and read the books.
Overall I gave this series 4/5 stars, but I lingered on 4.5 for a little while, because I really like this series. However, there are some times when it tends to get slow and boring, but isn't that the case will all books? I recommend this series for people who like a little dark magic and somewhat of a mystery/suspense.

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