Review Policy

LAST UPDATED: 5/6/2019

The books I tend to read are as follows:

Science Fiction
New Adult
Young Adult

I read on my Kindle and physical copies, however, I am more likely to get to a physical copy. I will still gladly take time for e-books, I'm just slower with reading e-books for some reason. My reviews are posted on Goodreads, this blog (either in its own post or in my monthly wrap-ups), Amazon, and Barnes and Noble! I review honestly to the point some people might consider brutally honest.

NOTE: A review with me does not guarantee a full review and may instead be included in my monthly "Mini Reviews". This in no way devalues your book, usually the longer the review the more I have to nitpick on or had something particularly thought-provoking. These mini reviews usually range around 150-250 words but vary.

Contact me (Caroline) at my email: or fill out the following Google form

I'll try and get in touch as soon as I can!


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