Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why Summer Work Doesn't Agree With Me

During a normal year, I read approximately 70-100+ books on my own, not including the books that they make us read in school. If I really felt like it, I could read an 800 page book on my own in a day without much difficulty, but when teachers give me the entire summer to read a 300 page book, I just can't do it. Why? Believe me, if I came across the book on my own, I might actually read it. It's the very simple fact that, when someone tells me what to do, I just don't want to do it.
Yes, I know how bad that sounds, but I read more than the average person to begin with, so why are they telling me to read more? It cuts into the time I had planned for other books! It even put me in a book slump the entire summer! I could have finished maybe 20 books over the summer, but just because the teachers assign me 3, I can't possibly read. If I read a book that isn't something for homework when I have to read something for homework, I just feel guilty that I'm not doing any work.
Long story short, teachers, leave the reading to me and I'll be perfectly fine with everything, make the non-readers read, they need it once in a while.

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